Church at Car Boot Sale - Chelmsford Churches Working Together at the Boreham Car Boot Sale

Chelmsford Churches working together at the Boreham Car Boot Sale.


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Chelmsford Churches at The Boreham Car Boot Sale - More Than a Great Drink

More than a great drink

Not only can you get a great hot drink from Church at Car Boot Sale, but the volunteers are always really pleased to have a chat, or to provide a listening ear.

We will never push religion or a particular point of view on anyone, but it is a fact that many people do want to talk about Christian faith and what it might mean for them.

We are not ‘experts’, but each person who serves has their own story of how Jesus Christ has made a real difference to their lives, and they are always pleased to share something of their knowledge and experiences.

Church At Car Boot Sale - Prayer Card Prayer and prayer cards

Our volunteers are always very happy to pray for any needs you or anyone you know has. We also have prayer cards available, upon which you can write requests and we will pray for them that day and over the week ahead.

Prayer Space

This season, we have introduced a ‘Prayer Space’. Essentially it is an area, set a short distance from the teas and coffee, where you can sit, take some time out for a while, to pray or reflect.

There is a simple cross on a table and a box to post prayer cards in confidence.

It is a place where people can sit and maybe have an encounter with God?

More about Christianity

It may be that you have visited us, chatted, made a request for prayer or sat in our Prayer Space, and now you want to explore further what the Christian Faith might mean for you.

If you live locally, there are some great churches in Chelmsford, which would be delighted to help. Check out one of our partner churches.

You may have heard of the Alpha Course which is a brilliant introduction to the Christian faith, and many churches periodically run courses. Check out this link, to see if one due to take place near you.

There is also a great organisation called the Christian Enquiry Agency, with a website called Christianity, which offers information and articles and also the ability to ask for prayer and advice.

May God bless you on your journey.